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MacBlair Builers Merchant

Macnaughton Blair Has Heart

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 08:38:58 Europe/London

This National Heart Month, Macnaughton Blair are delighted to announce our new health and safety initiative - the installation of Automated External Defibrillators.

These have been installed at all locations including 15 MacBlair branches, 1 at our Doorways showroom, 1 at P.McDermott & Sons Omagh, as well as 1 at the Wood Floor Warehouse Ravenhill & Warrington locations, and another 2 more on the way for the MacBlair Craigavon and Isle of Man branches.

This equipment is not only available to staff and customers in emergencies, but also to the local communities in these areas.

Each device will be registered with the local emergency services via a monitoring network, which means in the event of an emergency call in the vicinity of a device, the caller can be directed to it if necessary. 

Since being installed, several of the machines have been removed from their box by the local communities to be used in emergency situations.

Macnaughton Blair Heart Defib
Macnaughton Blair Heart Defib

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